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Armstrong-Indiana BDHP Responsiveness to Requests for Emergency Commitments and Mental Health Court Procedures.

It is common and expected that citizens and agencies have concerns specific to the involuntary treatment process. In general, the concerned party needs to be aware that the Behavioral and Developmental Health Program adheres to the Mental Health Procedures Act of 1976.  This is a civil legislation that allows for involuntary procedures when it is determined that a clear and present danger exists due to a mental disability.


A “due process” exists throughout the implementation of the law.  Some of the requirements include a petitioner, the establishment of a warrant, and physician’s evaluation.  For a complete document, you may review: 

Therefore, the BDHP Mental Health Administrator’s office accepts calls form the general public and agencies via our 24-hour crisis line at 1-877-333-2470.

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The 201 voluntary sign-in process is the preferred procedure for all ages 14 years or older.  A parent or legal guardian has the sign-in authority for a dependent child up to but not including 18 years of age with the signature of the evaluating physician or treating psychiatrist at an approved adolescent or age appropriate adult facility.


  • If the involuntary procedure is necessary the caller must have a 302 petition completed with the assistance of the mobile crisis worker who will be dispatched to the scene by the above crisis service.  The petition can also be accessed by the local county hospital emergency departments in Armstrong or Indiana Counties for the warrant to be approved, per adequate criteria under the PA Mental Health Law.

The 201 Voluntary Sign-In Process

The 302 procedure may include up to five days of involuntary commitment to a hospital allowing for inpatient treatment.


  • A-I BDHP facilitates the 303,304, 305 or 306 hearing extension process.  Our program schedules the mental health review officers and attorneys representing consumers at all facilities in Armstrong or Indiana Counties.

  • A-I BDHP processes the Act 77 form, also known as the “Notification of Mental Health Commitment” to the Pennsylvania State Police under Title 18 Crime Code Sect. 6105(c)(4).


A-I BDHP interacts with all counties in the Commonwealth where our consumers have been transferred for appropriate treatment.  The Mental Health Procedures Act is adhered to in all situations.

A-I BDHP monitors all inpatient and outpatient commitments to encourage treatment in the least restrictive setting.

The 302 Procedure


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